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Landscaping Services
Landscaping Services

Finding a Contractor for Landscape Design Near Me

Before you start planning your new landscape design near me, make sure you know everything about your property. The topography of your land is important to consider. A good design will promote water flow away from your house and toward other areas of the yard. Another important consideration is how you intend to use your yard. For example, you may want to create different areas for different family members. You can also incorporate walkways between different areas of the property.

Landscape Design
Landscape Design

When deciding which company to hire for your project, take a few factors into consideration. You’ll want a company that can provide a complete design. While some companies will do simple sketches, a detailed design is more likely to be the best choice. A landscape company that designs and installs will build a relationship with you, so you can be sure that your vision is exactly what they deliver.

Professional landscape designers should be members of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. Members of this association abide by a code of professional standards and attend continuing education. These members also participate in a peer review program, which gives them the professional recognition that they deserve. Consumers can use this association’s directory to find landscape designers in their area.

If you don’t want to hire a landscape designer in person, you can also use an online platform called Tilly. With Tilly, you can upload photos of your property, inspiration images, and measurements. Then, you can schedule a 1:1 consultation with the designer to go over your preferences and the design details. The designer will typically spend two to three weeks working on the design.

When working with a landscape designer, it’s important to keep in mind that your yard is like another room of your house. Just like the interior of your home, your landscape should have different rooms with carefully planned layouts. Similarly, different materials can be used for different spaces. You’ll also need to think about how you’ll link all the different areas of your yard. Creating pathways and openings will encourage people to explore different parts of the landscape.

Whether you’re looking for a designer for a large scale landscape project or a smaller residential project, a landscape designer can help you achieve your goals. A landscape designer can also help you create a plan that includes a garden or a water feature, such as a pond. A landscape designer can also help you build a patio garden or a terrace garden.

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