Front of House landscaping

Front Yard Spring Creek
Front Yard Spring Creek

Design for Front of House landscaping

When planning for front of house landscaping design, there are several factors to consider. First, you need to decide the size of the area to landscape. You can use a small flower bed or create a grove, depending on the amount of space you have available. Choosing the right plants is important, too. You should check out pictures of adult plants and read reviews of similar plants to avoid choosing ones that will not grow well in your climate or that do not complement the style of your house.

Front Yard Landscape
Front Yard Landscape

Taking the time to landscape your front yard can add a great deal of curb appeal to your home. It will increase your property value and give your home a more pleasing look. A properly landscaped front yard can raise a home’s value by anywhere from five to 12%, which translates into tens of thousands of dollars!

Changing the style of your front yard is not a difficult task. Many homeowners opt to add flowering plants, which are surprisingly low maintenance and do not require a large amount of time to care for. Perennial flowers such as hydrangeas and clematis can add a pop of color to your front yard. You may also want to include a few window boxes to enhance the design.

Creating a landscape design for the front of your house will involve planning the flowerbeds and surrounding areas. When planning your flowerbeds, you should take into consideration the amount of open space in front of your home, and the ideal location for closed areas. Then, you can choose plants that will provide a stunning view in spring, summer, and fall. In winter, you can plant winter plants that will provide a green blanket of colour.

Another simple and beautiful way to decorate the front yard is to use an old construction tool. You can recycle an antique wheelbarrow into a flower pot and use it as a container for colorful flowers. Just make sure to place it somewhere on the ground, so it does not roll away. If you are worried about it rolling out, place a few small rocks on the ground to keep it from rolling.

A tree on its own can be boring and give the impression of a drab house. Try combining it with a patio that emphasizes its circular shade. Adding industrial cinderblocks is also a creative way to add color to your landscape. The industrial materials are considered more modern than florals, and can be stacked in a creative way.

Another front yard landscaping design idea that can add value to your property is a mini waterfall. If done properly, the waterfall can resemble a real waterfall. A mini fountain and several subtropical plants will help it look more attractive. You can also use iron and stone to enhance the design. Stone is a traditional and soft material, while iron is rustic and industrial.

Front Yard Landscape Design
Front Yard Landscape Design
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